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Bio-Way Is a biotech company focusing on development and distribution of products for biomedical research and bio pharmaceutical industry. I have hundreds of well-validated antibodies, proteins and immunoassays available. Additionally, we distribute consumables and common reagents, and also provide the state-of-art services for metabolomics, transcripts omics, metagenomics and proteomics.
Adiponectin, Flag Tag
Type: Recombinant Cat. No.: 41013 Tag: Flag Size: 0.1 mg Source: HEK293 Purity: >98% Other names: Acrp30, GBP28, AdipoQ Species: Human
Normal/Non-immune Control Mouse IgG
The healthy non-immunized population of mouse were used to collect serum. IgG was prepared by ammonium sulfate, and column chromatography. The purified mouse IgGs was judged to be >95% pure by SDS-Page.
cel-miR-39-3p miREIA
Purpose: Exogenous control/spike-in control
Insulin Ovine ELISA Kit
Insulin is a hormone synthesized by the b cells of pancreatic islets. It consists of two amino acid chains, A chain and B chain, linked with a sulphide bond. The A chain is made of 21 amino acids and B chain with 30 amino acids. Insulin has a molecular we
HbA1c 胶乳免疫比浊试剂
HbA1c 是称为糖化血红蛋白的术语。 在红细胞的整个生命周期中,HbA1c 是通过将葡萄糖加成到血红蛋白 β 链的 N 端而不断形成的。 糖-Hb 键的形成表明血液中存在过多的糖,通常表明存在糖尿病。 因此,%HbA1c 的测量也可用于确定三个月的平均血糖水平,因为红细胞的平均寿命为四个月。 糖尿病患者的 HbA1c 水平将比正常人的水平高出 2-3 倍。 %HbA1c 的临界值为 6.5%。 %HbA1c 越高,糖尿病患者发生并发症的可能性就越大。 IMD 开发的 HbA1c PE
Serum Amyloid A (SAA) antibody
Species: Human Type: Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody
Fatty Acid Binding Protein 5 (FABP5)
Type: Recombinant Cat. No.: 41040 Tag: His Size: 0.1 mg Source: E.coli Purity: >95% Other names: E-FABP; PA-FABP Species: Human
Fatty Acid Binding Protein 5 (FABP5)
Type: Recombinant Cat. No.: 42040 Tag: His Size: 0.1 mg Source: E.Coli Purity: >95% Other names: E-FABP; PA-FABP Species: Mouse
RBP4 Human Antibody
Polyclonal Antibody against Human RBP4 Size: 0.1 mg
PM20D1 Mouse Antibody
Polyclonal Antibody against Mouse PM20D1 Size: 0.1 mg
The whole study of translation is called translatomics. Translation group includes broad translation group and narrow translation group. The broad translation group refers to all elements directly involved in the translation process, including ribosomes, mRNA being translated, tRNA, regulatory RNA (such as miRNA, lncRNA, etc.), nascent polypeptide chain, various translation factors, etc. (Figure 1); Translation group in narrow sense refers to the mRNA being translated. Traditional transcriptome sequencing is to sequence all the mRNA in a cell, whether it is being translated or not; Translation group sequencing is the sequencing of all the elements directly involved in the translation process, such as the sequencing of the mRNA(RNC-mRNA) stuck in ribosomes and being translated.
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28 , Sep , 2022
28 , Sep , 2022
HL-P 高精度体内环境模拟仪
28 , Sep , 2022
HL-P 高精度体内环境模拟仪